Financial Accounting Standards Board Moving Forward with Changes to Merger Accounting Standards

If you’re pondering the best timing for a potential merger acquisition, then one of the issues you should consider is the Federal Accounting Standards Board’s ongoing consideration of changes to how delinquent loans and investments have to be… Read More

The Value of a Structured Merger Process

Would a Merger Risk Your Control, Quality, and Culture — or Boost Your Market Position? For some, mergers are an exciting opportunity for growth. For others, it means a loss of control, quality and culture.  Yet, in almost… Read More

Forms Integration and Credit Union Mergers | What You Need to Know

Forms Integration and Credit Union Mergers

Maybe water cooler talk has you curious. All it takes is one whisper of the word “merger” for the rumor mill to crank up. And while mergers are not bad in and of themselves, they are disruptors. Credit… Read More

Key Considerations in Merger

Key Considerations in Merger

Credit union mergers are a huge undertaking. They can be confusing, are most certainly exhausting, and create a bit of chaos during the process. However, you can minimize all of this if you know what to expect and… Read More

Pre-Merger Considerations For Credit Unions

Pre-Merger Considerations

The number of mergers and acquisitions between credit unions has been steadily growing for several years, with the majority involving credit unions under the $100 million range.   That being said, there are a few considerations that credit unions… Read More

Using Technology To Enable Collaboration During A Merger

Technology plays a key role in streamlining the merger integration process. Utilizing a digital M&A system allows credit unions to collaborate in the cloud. This video discusses to key benefits of digital M&A.

Managing the Complex Merger Integration Process

From Discovery to Evaluation

When it comes to sales and acquisitions in the business world, there are few times when it is beneficial to go it alone. Without the assistance of a trained professional, by your side, you could easily lose out… Read More

No Time to Manage a Merger?

In any business, the day-to-day happenings are usually more than enough to fill a staff member’s full-time work schedule. Everybody’s operating on overdrive already, and the mere thought of adding another task to the to-do list is simply… Read More

Three Things To Expect During A Credit Union Merger

Three Things To Expect During A Credit Union Merger

Credit union mergers are more commonplace now than ever. They happen for different reasons. Some mergers are vehicles for growth. Others are a means of survival. Some mergers even happen as a means to make network access more… Read More

5 Ways to Support Your Employees During a Merger

5 Ways to Support Your Employees During a Merger

Organizational change can be quite exciting for credit union leaders. In the face of a merger, decision makers have put a lot of time, effort, and research into the process, working to understand how to make the final… Read More

Credit Union Mergers & Real Estate Due Diligence

Credit Union Mergers & Real Estate Due Diligence

Real estate holdings and leases are a big component in credit union mergers and can be one of the key advantages. For example, most institutions consider three to five years a reasonable time to reach break-even in a… Read More

7 Teams For Your Credit Union Merger

Credit Union Merger Teams

The credit union merger process is relatively complex and needs careful management to ensure a successful outcome. Apart from the merger team that oversees the entire process, a number of subsidiary teams are needed, each handling a different… Read More

Merger Success Begins with Soft Side Due Diligence

Merger Success Begins With Soft Side Due Diligence

Credit union mergers are beneficial not only for the acquiring institution, but also for the institution being acquired, and the members and employees of both. Unlike many other business consolidations, credit union mergers produce positive results for all… Read More