Forms Integration and Credit Union Mergers | What You Need to Know

Forms Integration and Credit Union Mergers

Maybe water cooler talk has you curious. All it takes is one whisper of the word “merger” for the rumor mill to crank up. And while mergers are not bad in and of themselves, they are disruptors. Credit… Read More

Lessons Learned in Credit Union Mergers

This video describes the importance of conducting a lessons learned session following a credit union merger in order to capture what went well and areas for improvement. Documenting this learning helps to create best practices that can be… Read More

Key Considerations in Merger

Key Considerations in Merger

Credit union mergers are a huge undertaking. They can be confusing, are most certainly exhausting, and create a bit of chaos during the process. However, you can minimize all of this if you know what to expect and… Read More

Using Technology To Streamline Merger Integration

Digital M&A

It’s no secret that there are a lot of moving parts when merger integration enters the picture for credit unions. Leaders are combining two different sets of data, cultures, and roles. Of course, in an ideal world, both… Read More

Using Technology To Enable Collaboration During A Merger

Technology plays a key role in streamlining the merger integration process. Utilizing a digital M&A system allows credit unions to collaborate in the cloud. This video discusses to key benefits of digital M&A.

Managing the Complex Merger Integration Process

From Discovery to Evaluation

When it comes to sales and acquisitions in the business world, there are few times when it is beneficial to go it alone. Without the assistance of a trained professional, by your side, you could easily lose out… Read More

No Time to Manage a Merger?

In any business, the day-to-day happenings are usually more than enough to fill a staff member’s full-time work schedule. Everybody’s operating on overdrive already, and the mere thought of adding another task to the to-do list is simply… Read More

3 HR Issues to Address in a Merger

3 HR Issues in a Merger

Industry mergers can always present challenges for those in the human resources department, but especially so when it comes to credit unions. Navigating those roadblocks and overcoming obstacles is well worth it, creating new opportunities for not just… Read More

5 Ways to Support Your Employees During a Merger

5 Ways to Support Your Employees During a Merger

Organizational change can be quite exciting for credit union leaders. In the face of a merger, decision makers have put a lot of time, effort, and research into the process, working to understand how to make the final… Read More

Management – 5 Ways to Support Your Credit Union During a Merger

Management - 5 Ways to Support Your Credit Union During a Merger

Organizational change: is it incredibly exciting or simply terrifying? In all truth, it’s usually a pretty solid mix of the two. While organizational change related to mergers is generally viewed as a negative thing in many industries, the… Read More

5 Steps To Merger Success

5 Steps To A Successful Credit Union Merger

As a credit union leader, you should always have your eye on the competition. In today’s aggressive market, it’s not always just about making your credit union better than the rest; knowing who your greatest competitors are can… Read More

7 Teams For Your Credit Union Merger

Credit Union Merger Teams

The credit union merger process is relatively complex and needs careful management to ensure a successful outcome. Apart from the merger team that oversees the entire process, a number of subsidiary teams are needed, each handling a different… Read More

As an Acquiring Credit Union Who Should Be On Your Merger Team?

Credit Union Merger Team

The process of merging credit unions must be carefully managed to ensure the combined credit union is financially stronger and that it benefits all members. It’s essential the credit unions are a good fit, that there is agreement… Read More

5 HR Due Diligence Issues For Your Credit Union Merger

5 Due Diligence Issues for Your Credit Union Merger

No doubt you have examined the employee benefits of your credit union merger; noting the new organization will offer members better benefits and more opportunities. As you plan and work out the details, there are due diligence actions… Read More

Wisconsin Credit Unions Merge with Great Energy and Enthusiasm

Wisconsin Credit Union Merge - Video

Two Wisconsin based credit unions have taken the steps to be better together.  Community Credit Union, with $123 million in assets is merging into Verge, a Credit Union with just under $600 million in assets. Community CU is… Read More

Sustaining Employee Morale and Productivity During Merger

Sustaining Employee Morale & Productivity During Credit Union Merger

Credit union mergers are tough proceedings, both for leaders guiding the process and employees who are anxious over potential outcomes. Employee anxiety can lead to loss of morale, engagement and productivity while the merger proceedings are moving forward…. Read More