About Us

CEO Advisory Group serves as a trust-based adviser to credit unions providing mergers and acquisitions and growth planning.

CEO Advisory was the first M&A consultancy with an exclusive focus on the credit union industry.

Our goal is to successfully ensure members, communities, board and staff all win in mutually beneficial mergers.

CEO Advisory Group, based in Lake Tapps, Washington, was founded in 2004.

What Makes Us Different

1st M&A Firm for Credit Unions

CEO Advisory was the first merger and acquisitions advisory firm dedicated to the credit union industry. We were formed at the request of several credit union client CEOs who had expressed the need for a trusted M&A firm dedicated to the credit union industry. These credit union CEOs recognized the need for a firm that understood the motivations, philosophy and inner workings of the credit union industry. These CEOs also expressed the need for a firm where the core competency is mergers, not a side business to strategic planning or human resources.

High Level Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our experience includes executive level management positions in credit unions and credit union trade associations. Our partners are renowned for their expertise in mergers, finance, growth, marketing, strategies, and technology.

Trusted National Industry Leadership

The partners are nationally recognized credit union speakers on the topics of mergers, finance, marketing, and technology. We are frequent authors to industry publications and publications.  In 2007, we conducted a national survey of credit union CEOs on membership growth and mergers that was combined with analysis of the 5200 Reports and published in an industry white paper, “The 2008 National CEO Growth Study.”

Merger & Acquisition Expertise and Process

We’ve developed an exceptionally unique and comprehensive process by managing every step of the merger for both parties in a trust-based, highly confidential manner.  We guide and assist our client through both sides of the delicate discussions and negotiations in order to navigate the process to a successful outcome. Our assistance ranges from board education sessions to full merger project planning and oversight, from seller representation to acquirer representation, and from credit union merger to bank branch purchases.

National Network of Credit Unions Interested in Mergers

CEO Advisory maintains a national source of credit unions and related interests in mergers as potential acquirers.  Our web site has become a destination for credit unions seeking news and information on credit union industry mergers and membership growth. Furthermore, our national speaking and writing generates an ever-growing network of credit unions with merger interests. Additionally, our background as an executive within credit union leagues provides unique connections within the industry.