• Top 10 CU Acquirers by State

    View the Top 10 credit union acquirers using our interactive chart and see which credit unions they have acquired since 2000.

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  • Members Win

    As the services a credit union offers expands, it grows member roots deeper into the culture and future of the organization.

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  • Employees Win

    The future of credit union jobs teem with growth through benefits such as increased total compensation and a new range of career advancement opportunities

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  • The Community Wins

    The Community Wins

    As a credit union’s potential expands, they have the ability to make a greater impact in the community.

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  • Credit Union Wins!

    The Credit Union Wins

    More Together – more resources, services, branches, efficiency.

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  • Everyone Wins

    The great thing about credit union mergers is Everyone Wins!

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