Employees Win

The Credit Union is a unique environment in which the employees share a strong bond and connection with the credit union movement. For a Credit Union to grow and operate at its maximum potential, it is critical they it has the full support and backing of its employees. In an organization that places the member as the top priority, employee satisfaction cannot be overlooked.


The word merger can be a frightening thing to hear for some employees who are unsure about the statistics of employee retention. Unlike bank mergers, it is very uncommon for a lay off to occur as a result of a merger of two credit unions. The preservation of both organizations is the center piece of all credit union mergers. Employee job security is the focus of discussion during a merger, and has an extraordinary impact on the actions of both companies. Concerned employees should rest easy, knowing that there is no merger job-chopping-block. The future of their jobs is teeming with growth through benefits such as increased total compensation and a new range of career advancement opportunities.


Employees who have access to an abundance of new training and new opportunities for advancement will begin to see their job become a career. As a result of merger, many employees were blocked from career advancement before who now find themselves in management roles and specialized functions. All of this offered through increased job training and career advancement opportunities.