Top 10 CU Acquirers by State

View the Top 10 credit union acquirers using our interactive chart and see which credit unions they have acquired since 2000.

Guiding Credit Unions To Merger Success

More than 20 credit unions merge every month, and for good reason: they can achieve more together than they can alone. By joining forces, they grow their membership, reduce costs, and are better able to compete with larger… Read More

Members Win

As the services a credit union offers expands, it grows member roots deeper into the culture and future of the organization.

Employees Win

The future of credit union jobs teem with growth through benefits such as increased total compensation and a new range of career advancement opportunities

The Community Wins

The Community Wins

As a credit union’s potential expands, they have the ability to make a greater impact in the community.

The Credit Union Wins

Credit Union Wins!

More Together – more resources, services, branches, efficiency.

Everyone Wins

The great thing about credit union mergers is Everyone Wins!