Careful Planning is Essential to Successfully Executing a Merger with Another Credit Union

Difficult economic conditions, increased funding costs and competition from larger institutions will continue to drive credit unions to combine to sharpen their competitive edge. The number of mergers of credit unions with assets of $500 million and above… Read More

CEO Advisory Group is Consultant to HVCU in Proposed Bank Acquisition

Hudson Valley Credit Union, headquartered in Poughkeepsie, New York, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Kingston, New York based Catskill Hudson Bank on January 10th, 2024. Founded in 1963, Hudson Valley Credit Union, serves more than 350,000… Read More

How the Demand for Tech Talent Complicates Succession Planning

Succession planning for credit unions has become more complex these days because of the rapidly evolving skills required to run a financial institution. The rise of fintechs has changed the competitive landscape, making investment in technology—and the talent… Read More

Credit Union Merger Approvals 3Q 2023

NCUA approved 39 mergers in Q2 of 2023 which increased from 36 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions totals $946M, which compares to $2.7B last quarter and $3.5B in Q3 2022. The mean and median… Read More

How Mergers Can Build the Talent Pipeline

Where will your future leaders come from? The question has taken on greater urgency in today’s quickly changing workforce. CEOs are retiring at an unprecedented rate, fueled by the demographic reality of 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every… Read More

Why Credit Unions Are Acquiring Banks at a Record Pace

When credit unions look for merger partners, they increasingly are considering banks. S&P Global reports that credit unions entered into a record number of bank acquisitions in 2022. There were 14 acquisitions for the year, surpassing the previous… Read More

Two Key Issues for Boards: Succession Planning and Merger Considerations

by Teresa Freeborn, Guest Writer Board succession planning is as important as executive succession planning, but often it’s simply not done because it’s not perceived to be urgent. Some board members seem to view their role as a… Read More

Succession Planning with an Eye Towards Mergers as an Option

Succession Planning & Mergers

CEO Advisory Group Explores Succession Planning And Mergers in Latest White Paper CEO Advisory Group explores the hot topic of succession planning in its latest white paper, including a discussion of when and why a merger may be… Read More

Digital Is Becoming More Important in Merger Considerations

Digital has been an absolute game-changer in the financial services market. Credit unions in the aggregate are doing a fine job keeping pace with the competition, offering comprehensive online banking services, responsive mobile apps, and the latest technology… Read More

Too Many Credit Unions Lack a Merger Policy

There are two potential approaches that credit unions can take to address merger opportunities: proactive or reactive. A proactive approach entails having a structured policy in place for uncovering and considering potential merger opportunities. A reactive approach often… Read More

Financial Accounting Standards Board Moving Forward with Changes to Merger Accounting Standards

If you’re pondering the best timing for a potential merger acquisition, then one of the issues you should consider is the Federal Accounting Standards Board’s ongoing consideration of changes to how delinquent loans and investments have to be… Read More

CEO Advisory Group is Lead Financial Advisor to Dort Financial CU in its Proposed Acquisition of Flagler Bank

CEO Advisory Advises Dort Financial Credit Union in Agreement to Acquire Flagler Bank

Dort Financial Credit Union, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire West Palm Beach, Florida based Flagler Bank. The transaction would grow Dort Financial Credit Union’s assets to nearly $2 billion.  Founded in… Read More

Does Your Board Governance Provide a Framework for Addressing Mergers?

Bridge - Board Governance in Merger

Most important decisions in life require a framework from which you can understand the full picture and gain insights regarding the pros and cons of the pathways that lay before you. This is certainly true in the credit… Read More

Credit Union Guidelines for Merger Proposals

Has your board of directors developed a former merger policy or guidelines for considering a merger? If you answered “no”, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by CEO Advisory Group, an overwhelming majority of boards do… Read More

M&A Trends in 2021

Exclusive Webinar for Credit Union Executives Following a lackluster year for mergers and acquisitions, the market is anticipated to heat up as consumer behavior evolves, economic conditions improve post-COVID-19, and the regulatory environment continues to change. Credit unions… Read More

Credit Union Merger Approvals 3Q 2020

CU Merger Approvals 3Q 2020

NCUA approved 34 mergers in Q3 of 2020 which increased from 25 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $1.5B, which compares to $777M last quarter and $1.3B a year ago. The mean and median… Read More

Fiduciary Duty to Consider Merger Proposal

Fiduciary Duty - Main Image

When it comes to credit union regulations, leaders’ fiduciary duty to consider merger proposals is of the utmost importance. Why? Because it requires directors to act in good faith in the best interests of the membership, and in… Read More

Top 10 CU Acquirers by State

View the Top 10 credit union acquirers using our interactive chart and see which credit unions they have acquired since 2000.

Credit Union Merger Approvals – 2Q2020

NCUA approved 25 mergers in Q2 of 2020 which decreased from 34 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $404M, which compares to $404M last quarter and $2.1B a year ago. The mean and median… Read More

Credit Union Merger Approvals 1Q 2020

Credit Union Merger Approvals

NCUA approved 34 mergers in Q1 of 2020 which increased from 32 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $404M, which compares to $1.6B last quarter and $1.3B year ago. The mean and median assets… Read More