Credit Union Merger Approvals 2Q 2019

Credit Union Mergers 2Q 2019

NCUA approved 31 mergers in Q2 of 2019 which increased from 28 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $2.1B, which compares to $1.3B last quarter and $800M year ago. The mean and median assets… Read More

NCUA Approves 20 Credit Union Mergers in July

Credit Union Merger Approvals - July 2015

Mergers declined in July compared to last month and a year ago.  The NCUA approved 20 mergers in July 2015, which is down from the 25 mergers in July of last year. Not only were the number of… Read More

NCUA Approves 19 Mergers in December

The NCUA approved 19 mergers in December 2014 which is up from the 28 mergers in December of last year. Very small, boutique credit unions were absorbed in December.  The combined assets of the merged credit unions are… Read More