NCUA Merger Approvals - February 2018

Credit Union Merger Approvals – February 2018

NCUA approved 9 mergers in February 2018 which decreased from 20 last month. The number of mergers are down and the combined assets of merged credit unions are down nearly $378M compared to last month.  For the month… Read More

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Using Technology To Enable Collaboration During A Merger

Technology plays a key role in streamlining the merger integration process. Utilizing a digital M&A system allows credit unions to collaborate in the cloud. This video discusses to key benefits of digital M&A.

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Why Credit Unions Should Be Terrified

Why Credit Unions Should Be Terrified!

New Research Results and Why Credit Union PERSONAs should be Terrified! Last article, we highlighted our new research on the Financial Industry.  In it, we demonstrated how having a great NPS is NOT an indicator for future growth…. Read More

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The Merged CEO’s Future After The Merger

CEOs have several great pathways in a credit union merger. Learn about the options and process for securing a great future through a merger, whether it be continued employment or retirement.

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Credit Union Merger Approvals – January 2018

NCUA approved 20 mergers in January 2018 which increased from 8 last month. The combined assets of merged credit unions are up nearly $342M compared to last month.  However, for the month of January, the total merged assets… Read More

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