Why Credit Unions Are Acquiring Banks at a Record Pace

When credit unions look for merger partners, they increasingly are considering banks. S&P Global reports that credit unions entered into a record number of bank acquisitions in 2022. There were 14 acquisitions for the year, surpassing the previous… Read More

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Two Key Issues for Boards: Succession Planning and Merger Considerations

by Teresa Freeborn, Guest Writer Board succession planning is as important as executive succession planning, but often it’s simply not done because it’s not perceived to be urgent. Some board members seem to view their role as a… Read More

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Succession Planning & Mergers

Succession Planning with an Eye Towards Mergers as an Option

CEO Advisory Group Explores Succession Planning And Mergers in Latest White Paper CEO Advisory Group explores the hot topic of succession planning in its latest white paper, including a discussion of when and why a merger may be… Read More

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Digital Is Becoming More Important in Merger Considerations

Digital has been an absolute game-changer in the financial services market. Credit unions in the aggregate are doing a fine job keeping pace with the competition, offering comprehensive online banking services, responsive mobile apps, and the latest technology… Read More

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Too Many Credit Unions Lack a Merger Policy

There are two potential approaches that credit unions can take to address merger opportunities: proactive or reactive. A proactive approach entails having a structured policy in place for uncovering and considering potential merger opportunities. A reactive approach often… Read More

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