Credit Union Merger Approvals

Credit Union Merger Approvals 1Q 2020

NCUA approved 34 mergers in Q1 of 2020 which increased from 32 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $404M, which compares to $1.6B last quarter and $1.3B year ago. The mean and median assets… Read More

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Evaluating a Credit Union Merger

Important Factors in Assessing a CU Merger

Credit union mergers have become increasingly more common. From the 23,000 credit unions that existed at their peak in 1969 to the 5,200 credit unions that existed as of 2020, the industry has seen a lot of shift…. Read More

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How Receptive Is Credit Union Leadership to a Merger?

In the world of credit unions, mergers are an essential part of growing and staying relevant. In fact, a well-planned merger can actually help you gain a significant competitive advantage. With that said, it seems some leaders are… Read More

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5 Themes - Conversations with CU Leaders During Convid-19

5 Themes – Conversations With CU Leaders

Based on calls we have received over the last month, there is no doubt credit union leaders believe our business will be forever changed after COVID-19. The thoughts these leaders shared with us can generally be categorized into… Read More

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Is Now the Right Time for Your Credit Union to Merge?

Is Now the Right Time for Your Credit Union to Consider a Strategic Merger?

One of the leading reasons credit unions engage in mergers is declining membership, according to a study conducted by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). It found that 47 percent of merging credit unions had negative member growth… Read More

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