How the Demand for Tech Talent Complicates Succession Planning

Succession planning for credit unions has become more complex these days because of the rapidly evolving skills required to run a financial institution. The rise of fintechs has changed the competitive landscape, making investment in technology—and the talent… Read More

How Mergers Can Build the Talent Pipeline

Where will your future leaders come from? The question has taken on greater urgency in today’s quickly changing workforce. CEOs are retiring at an unprecedented rate, fueled by the demographic reality of 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every… Read More

Succession Planning with an Eye Towards Mergers as an Option

Succession Planning & Mergers

CEO Advisory Group Explores Succession Planning And Mergers in Latest White Paper CEO Advisory Group explores the hot topic of succession planning in its latest white paper, including a discussion of when and why a merger may be… Read More

Executive Compensation In A Merger

Executive Compensation in Mergers

The success of credit union mergers is largely dependent upon CEOs’ perceptions of the process. There are typically many unknowns when a credit union is first approached as a merger partner. Of course, human nature tends to fear… Read More

The Merged CEO’s Future After The Merger

CEOs have several great pathways in a credit union merger. Learn about the options and process for securing a great future through a merger, whether it be continued employment or retirement.

Credit Union Succession Planning Options

Credit Union Succession Planning Options

From the very day a credit union is founded, planning for the future should always be on the agenda. While the economy will certainly hit ebbs and flows along the way, a successful credit union will have plans… Read More

3 Approaches to Succession Planning

3 Approaches to Succession Planning

Credit unions are facing an intense, competitive environment. Selecting a strong leader is paramount to the credit union’s success. The skills required of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) have changed as banking moves to the digital age. Boards… Read More

Evaluating Leadership Quality in Succession Planning

Credit unions will be experiencing unprecedented change in their leadership over the next five years. With the current economic climate and competitive landscape, selecting and nurturing strong leadership has become imperative for credit unions’ future success. In their succession planning credit unions must account for leadership quality.