Open Doors To Capital With Subordinated Debt

Regulatory Capital Strategy The NCUA’s upcoming final rule will relax the restrictions on credit unions’ eligibility to issue subordinated debt. Previously, the issuance of subordinated debt was restricted to low income designated credit unions. Subordinated debt can be… Read More

Merger Approvals Q1 2019

Wisconsin Credit Union Merge - Video

NCUA approved 28 mergers in Q1 of 2019 which decreased from 53 last quarter. The combined assets of merged credit unions is $1.3B, which compares to $1.5B last quarter and $800M year ago. The mean and median assets… Read More

Lessons Learned in Credit Union Mergers

This video describes the importance of conducting a lessons learned session following a credit union merger in order to capture what went well and areas for improvement. Documenting this learning helps to create best practices that can be… Read More

Executive Compensation In A Merger

Executive Compensation in Mergers

The success of credit union mergers is largely dependent upon CEOs’ perceptions of the process. There are typically many unknowns when a credit union is first approached as a merger partner. Of course, human nature tends to fear… Read More

Merger Attitudes & Perspectives Survey

Merger Perspectives Survey

Tom Cruise made the phrase “Help Me Help You” famous in the movie Jerry McGuire.  Here is your chance to help us all learn together in the spirit of credit union cooperation. Please take the survey titled “Merger… Read More

Using Technology To Enable Collaboration During A Merger

Technology plays a key role in streamlining the merger integration process. Utilizing a digital M&A system allows credit unions to collaborate in the cloud. This video discusses to key benefits of digital M&A.

Credit Union Merger Approvals – June 2017

Credit Union Mergers - June 2017

NCUA approved 21 mergers in June 2017 which increased from 17 last month. The number of mergers are up yet the combined assets of merged credit unions are down nearly $287M compared to last month.  For the month… Read More

Mergers Offer Opportunities for Credit Union Members & Employees

Members & Staff Win in Merger

Banks are in business for profit, and their clientele are exactly that: customers fueling profits. The advantage of credit unions has always been its customer service; “membership” is the advantage. Because of a credit union’s not-for-profit status, credit… Read More