How Mergers Can Build the Talent Pipeline

Where will your future leaders come from? The question has taken on greater urgency in today’s quickly changing workforce. CEOs are retiring at an unprecedented rate, fueled by the demographic reality of 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every… Read More

Two Key Issues for Boards: Succession Planning and Merger Considerations

by Teresa Freeborn, Guest Writer Board succession planning is as important as executive succession planning, but often it’s simply not done because it’s not perceived to be urgent. Some board members seem to view their role as a… Read More

Bank Branch Acquisition Offers Credit Unions Another Option To Expand

Bank Acquisition Vocal CU

As the recent acquisition of a community bank branch by Vocal Credit Union demonstrates, mergers aren’t the only avenue open to credit unions aiming to expand their reach and membership. Vocal CU, a $30 million financial cooperative based… Read More

Worried About Your Role As CEO Post Merger?

CEO Role Post-Merger

As a CEO, you’ve likely spent many years procuring your credit union into what it is today. You’ve logged countless hours in board meetings, met with staff at all different levels, and dedicated your days to ensuring your… Read More

The Merged CEO’s Future After The Merger

CEOs have several great pathways in a credit union merger. Learn about the options and process for securing a great future through a merger, whether it be continued employment or retirement.

Credit Union Succession Planning Options

Credit Union Succession Planning Options

From the very day a credit union is founded, planning for the future should always be on the agenda. While the economy will certainly hit ebbs and flows along the way, a successful credit union will have plans… Read More