Everyone Wins

The great thing about credit union mergers is Everyone Wins!

  • Members Win!
  • Employees Win!
  • The Community Wins!
  • The Credit Union Wins!

In this way credit union mergers are unique – as non-profits the goal of a credit union is to combine the resources of both credit unions so that together they are both stronger.  The members of both credit unions will have an equal voice in the continuing credit union.

Unlike corporate mergers that are known for extensive cost cutting, layoff, office closures, etc., the goal of credit union mergers is to retain staff, often build new branches and reinvest in the communities.  Mergers open new job opportunities for staff, training, and frequently better benefits and compensation.

Pooling their resources credit unions are able to strengthen both credit unions’ financial resources, talent and infrastructure.  Credit union mergers are clearly a case where 1+1+1+1=5 – Everyone Wins!