Guiding Credit Unions To Merger Success

More than 20 credit unions merge every month, and for good reason: they can achieve more together than they can alone. By joining forces, they grow their membership, reduce costs, and are better able to compete with larger banks and other credit unions.

But mergers are complex, and can fail to meet business objectives if not properly structured and expertly managed. That’s where a third party facilitator can prove invaluable.

CEO Advisory Group has guided credit unions through the intricate merger process for over a decade.

We meet you at your point of need. Whether you’re looking to acquire a credit union to expand your footprint; to join a larger credit union to provide more benefits for your members and staff; or if you need expert assistance to successfully implement a merger with a partner you’ve already chosen — CEO Advisory Group can help.

We’ll work together to establish a vision for the combined credit union, and a detailed plan on how to reach it. We’ll take into account the personal and professional goals of the CEOs, board members, and employees, to ensure that everyone gets what they want out of the merger.

Throughout the process, CEO Advisory Group provides the methodologies, project plans, best practices, and tactical support you’ll need to successfully integrate the two credit unions. We assist with everything from obtaining regulatory approvals to developing a communication plan for your employees and members.

We’ll even provide an online portal for secure document exchange, enhanced collaboration, and project management and oversight.

Now is the time to think about growing your credit union through a merger. Why navigate the complex process alone? Contact CEO Advisory Group today.