Wisconsin Credit Union Merge - Video

Wisconsin Credit Unions Merge with Great Energy and Enthusiasm

Two Wisconsin based credit unions have taken the steps to be better together.  Community Credit Union, with $123 million in assets is merging into Verge, a Credit Union with just under $600 million in assets.

Community CU is well capitalized, 10.9% net worth/asset ratio, and profitable with a 1.3% Return on Assets (ROA).  As is becoming ever more prevalent, two strong credit unions have joined forces to strengthen the credit unions’ competitive positions so they can give back more to the members and community.

Community CU President/CEO, Chris Butler, provided insight on the collaborative nature of the merger: “Unlike many mergers that happen out of necessity, we’ve been working together since January to bring our members an even greater credit union experience. By combining our resources, we can continue giving back to our communities in new and exciting ways.”

I think this video shows how credit unions mergers are different — A credit union merger is about doing what’s in the best interest of members.