3 Approaches to Succession Planning

3 Approaches to Succession Planning

Credit unions are facing an intense, competitive environment. Selecting a strong leader is paramount to the credit union’s success. The skills required of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) have changed as banking moves to the digital age. Boards… Read More

Branches aren’t dead yet, invigorate your growth with mergers

Credit union branches and mergers

Chances are growth strategies will once again be the central topic of discussion at your strategic planning session this autumn. You’ve heard the prediction “branches are dead”. Stats show markets are over-branched. Banks are closing branches at a… Read More

5 HR Due Diligence Issues For Your Credit Union Merger

5 Due Diligence Issues for Your Credit Union Merger

No doubt you have examined the employee benefits of your credit union merger; noting the new organization will offer members better benefits and more opportunities. As you plan and work out the details, there are due diligence actions… Read More

NCUA Approves 20 Credit Union Mergers in July

Credit Union Merger Approvals - July 2015

Mergers declined in July compared to last month and a year ago.  The NCUA approved 20 mergers in July 2015, which is down from the 25 mergers in July of last year. Not only were the number of… Read More

What Are the Members’ Benefits in a Credit Union Merger?

Credit Union Members' Benefits in Merger

To those on the outside, a credit union merger can seem like a scary proposition. When you and your board position your credit union for a merger with another, one of the major concerns is how members will… Read More

5 Strategies to Position Your Credit Union for Success with Millennials

Position your credit union for millennial generation with a merger

The World Council of Credit Unions reports that the average age of members to credit unions is 47 in U.S. This makes drawing in Millennials more important than ever as aging members reach retirement. With current membership in… Read More

5 Tips For How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Credit Union Generate Loan Growth

Digital Marketing of Credit Union Loans - Merger as an Option

It’s a simple fact of life that virtually every successful credit union focuses on loan growth as a major strategic priority. Of course, the challenge lies in finding cost-effective and efficient ways to gain that growth in quality… Read More

Wisconsin Credit Unions Merge with Great Energy and Enthusiasm

Wisconsin Credit Union Merge - Video

Two Wisconsin based credit unions have taken the steps to be better together.  Community Credit Union, with $123 million in assets is merging into Verge, a Credit Union with just under $600 million in assets. Community CU is… Read More

5 Ways to Motivate Employees During a Credit Union Merger

Motivating Employees During Merger

Credit union mergers are common. According to the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), there were  19 mergers in May, 25 mergers in April, and 12 mergers in March. That doesn’t mean all mergers are successful.  Most merger failures… Read More

NCUA Approves 27 Mergers in June 2015

Credit Union Merger Approvals June 2015

  For the second month in a row the number of mergers is up compared to last year.  The NCUA approved 27 mergers in June 2015 which is up from the 20 mergers in June of last year…. Read More

Sustaining Employee Morale and Productivity During Merger

Sustaining Employee Morale & Productivity During Credit Union Merger

Credit union mergers are tough proceedings, both for leaders guiding the process and employees who are anxious over potential outcomes. Employee anxiety can lead to loss of morale, engagement and productivity while the merger proceedings are moving forward…. Read More

NCUA Approved Credit Union Mergers – May 2015

Reversing a trend, the number of mergers is up compared to last year.  The NCUA approved 19 mergers in May 2015 which is up from the 16 mergers in May of last year. Not only were the number… Read More

Role of Board of Directors in Strategic Planning

Role of Credit Union Board of Directors in Strategic Planning

Directors of credit unions have the responsibility for setting the direction of the credit union and exercising overall control. As such, they are ultimately responsible for strategic planning and any other activities that contribute towards the overall financial… Read More

Time for a Strategic Planning Makeover?

Strategic Planning Makeover - Credit Unions

The Need for Change All industries face changes that require a strategic planning makeover, and the credit union industry isn’t much different. New market developments, client needs, along with various regulations, are most likely challenging you to find… Read More

NCUA Approved Credit Union Mergers – April 2015

Credit Union Mergers & Acquisitions April 2015

For the third month in a row the number of credit union mergers is down compared to last year.  The NCUA approved 25 mergers in April 2015 which is down from the 32 mergers in April of last… Read More

6 Growth Strategies for Small & Medium Credit Unions

Credit Union Growth

Sustained growth can seem insurmountable as a small credit union or medium-sized credit union in a large market. Nearly 80% of industry membership growth is attributed to the 435 credit unions with over $500 million in assets according… Read More

Credit Union Merger Approvals Up Slightly in March

The NCUA approved 12 mergers in March 2015 which is down from the 22 mergers in March of last year. The combined assets of the merged credit unions are $237 million.  The mean and median assets of merged… Read More

Top 20 Credit Union Mergers 2014

Largest Credit Union Mergers 2014

The 20 largest mergers approved by the NCUA in 2014 accounted for nearly $3 billion in assets.  This represented nearly 20% of the assets of the credit unions they merged into (continuing credit unions).  Mergers of equals are… Read More

NCUA Approves 8 Mergers in February

Credit Union Mergers February 2015

The NCUA approved 8 mergers in February 2015 which is half the number of mergers from February of last year. While there were not many mergers, the average size was relatively large compared to most months.  The combined… Read More

4 Merger Strategies Credit Union Directors Should Consider

Credit Union Merger Strategies for Directors

Mergers are transforming the credit union landscape.  It is, therefore, ever more important for credit union leadership to be addressing the impact of mergers as part of their strategic planning. The NCUA has clearly pronounced the duties of… Read More