M&A Trends in 2021

Exclusive Webinar for Credit Union Executives

Following a lackluster year for mergers and acquisitions, the market is anticipated to heat up as consumer behavior evolves, economic conditions improve post-COVID-19, and the regulatory environment continues to change. Credit unions have a unique position to explore transformative opportunities to build scale and expand their scope.

This Webinar recording looks at what’s driving activity in the marketplace, key trends that will dominate in 2021, and examins considerations that credit unions should be aware of. Attendee will gain:

  • A better understanding of teh macro-trends driving M&A activity
  • How best to examine the right partner for a merger
  • Strategies that will help you identify and negotiate the right deal while ensuring protection throughout the M&A transaction
  • A strong grasp on the regulatory approval process for completing an M&A transaction
  • How best to integrate two organizations after the deal is negotiated

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