2008 National Credit Union Growth Study

Results from the 2008 National CEO Growth Survey were combined with an in‐depth industry analysis of NCUA 5300  Call Reports conducted by CEO Advisory Group. This analysis of national trends data has helped us identify at  least 7 significant variables that are demonstrating increased growth performance and potential “growth keys  to success” for generating higher productivity. They include:

• Focus on a niche
• Build brand awareness & effective sales/service culture
• Expand and enhance delivery systems
• Competitive deposit rates & differentiated product offering
• Make mergers a priority
• Focus on Achieving Economies of Scale and Scope
• Strong Leadership

As we approach 2010, the credit union industry is faced with a delicate balance of needing higher growth for  survival, and a banking lobby trying to limit and curtail that growth and related powers. Embattled regulators are  taking a very cautious and conservative political stand that is clearly hindering some credit unions in pursuing  what they believe to be the most advantageous FOM’s, growth markets and strategies available to them. The  resulting limited growth of membership in the industry since 2000 must be addressed with a well‐focused  growth strategy, not simply the prevailing exodus to community charters alone.


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