Management – 5 Ways to Support Your Credit Union During a Merger

Management - 5 Ways to Support Your Credit Union During a Merger

Organizational change: is it incredibly exciting or simply terrifying? In all truth, it’s usually a pretty solid mix of the two. While organizational change related to mergers is generally viewed as a negative thing in many industries, the… Read More

Credit Union Mergers & Real Estate Due Diligence

Credit Union Mergers & Real Estate Due Diligence

Real estate holdings and leases are a big component in credit union mergers and can be one of the key advantages. For example, most institutions consider three to five years a reasonable time to reach break-even in a… Read More

FTC Announces New Premerger Notification Thresholds For 2017

FTC Merger Prenotification 2017

In addition to explaining the filing requirements for credit union mergers, the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (HSRA) requires an annual update to the FTC premerger notification threshold. The threshold, based on the company’s relevant assets, is used to… Read More

7 Teams For Your Credit Union Merger

Credit Union Merger Teams

The credit union merger process is relatively complex and needs careful management to ensure a successful outcome. Apart from the merger team that oversees the entire process, a number of subsidiary teams are needed, each handling a different… Read More

As an Acquiring Credit Union Who Should Be On Your Merger Team?

Credit Union Merger Team

The process of merging credit unions must be carefully managed to ensure the combined credit union is financially stronger and that it benefits all members. It’s essential the credit unions are a good fit, that there is agreement… Read More

Merger Success Begins with Soft Side Due Diligence

Merger Success Begins With Soft Side Due Diligence

Credit union mergers are beneficial not only for the acquiring institution, but also for the institution being acquired, and the members and employees of both. Unlike many other business consolidations, credit union mergers produce positive results for all… Read More